Help we need


Obviously the best information we could hope for would be that which directly explains and proves what happened to these boys.  We are hoping that anyone who may have this type of information will be reached by this appeal and, for their piece of mind and ours, will pass this information to us.  This can be done anonymously (see home page “CONTACT US” link.  Note: the REWARD will apply.

We would also like to receive any other information, directly or indirectly related to this incident, the divers etc., that you feel is important.



People with helpful information could be anywhere from Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America to South America and elsewhere.  We need to let people in these areas know we are looking and how to reach us.   That’s why we are on the NET and asking visitors to our site to forward our notice on.  (See Home Page “PASS THE MESSAGE” link).

We would also appreciate any ideas and help that can be provided to obtain broader media coverage of this mystery and our appeal for help.



We would welcome practical, creative suggestions (especially if you believe we have missed or overlooked something) and any help available to implement them.


Satellite Information

We would appreciate hearing from anyone who can advise or help us on doing a better job of investigating satellite data.


Thank you.

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