The David Madott, Omar Shearer and Kent Munro Search and Rescue Fund (hereinafter called “The Trust” offers the following reward:

a) A reward of One Hundred Thousand U.S. dollars ($100,000.00) will be paid for each live rescue or live recovery or for information directly leading to each live rescue or live recovery of our sons David Madott, Omar Shearer  and Kent Muro who have been missing in the Gulf of Mexico since November 4th, 1994.


b) A reward of Fifteen Thousand U.S. dollars ($15,000.00) each will be paid for the return or information leading directly to the return of identifiable human remains of these same persons.

Our sons we last seen diving at the site of the BAJA CALIFORNIA wreck, approximately 55 miles West-Southwest of Marco Island, Florida.

Multiple claimants entitled to the reward shall share the reward equally.

Any person, organization or enterprise pursuing the reward does so at their own risk and agrees to indemnify “The Trust” against any and all liability or loss or any claims whatsoever arising in any way from their activities.

This offer shall remain in effect until revoked by “The Trust” through a notice published in the News-Press (Fort Myers edition).

Information/Inquiries can be sent to us directly or anonymously by any of the methods listed in the Contact us” screen.

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