Theories as to why the boys were not found can be put into 2 classifications:

1) Missed  - the extensive search missed them.

2) Vanished - they werenít there.



While this is always a possibility, experienced observers believe the likelihood of this being the case is very low for the following reasons:

1) the size of the search conducted both by the Coast Guard and by the families privately.

2) because of the floatation equipment worn by the boys and the water temperature, the boys, alive or dead, had to be on top of the water.

3) we know exactly where the boat sank and the current flow pattern.

4) other, smaller objects from the boat, were found in the predictable current path.  If the three boys were together, they would have presented a very large mass; if they were separated, this would significantly increase the probability at least one of them being spotted.

5) these are physically fit, successful-in-business young men.  We know from Jeff that no one was injured, their diversí (life) jackets were inflated and their game plan was to swim to the communications tower - which was visible in the daylight and illuminated by night.  If they didnít reach the tower, which is surprising, they should be in  the vicinity along the current path (i.e. the search focus).



All other theories fall into this category - they werenít there when the search was being done.  Why?

One reason suggested is that the boys may have been attached by sharks.  Experts have been consulted and have discounted this theory based on the type, number, size and feeding habits of sharks in the area.  They believe, even in the unlikely event of an attack, more than enough evidence would remain to be located by searchers.

Another theory is that they boys werenít there because of some other event(s) occurring that we have yet to discover - for example they encountered and were picked up by some other parties.  This theory is made more plausible when one considers the level of illicit activity that is believed to take place in the area. (In these theories, someone knows the answer we are looking for and we need help to find these people and/or their information).

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