What we've done

What we’ve done ( To obtain ideas and test the theories)

Investigated the site

Professional divers were employed on two occasions to dive the accident site, investigate and retrieve personal effects.  Many items were found - however, none of their personal diving gear (masks, fins, regulators, diving jackets), with the exception of weight belts, was found.

We also have not found 3 of their diving tanks.  It is also interesting to note that, although the mostly submerged boat was held in position for 4 hours by its anchor before sinking completely,  the divers found the anchor line severed.


Offered reward

We created a Reward and publicized it by advertisements in newspapers, media references and distribution of flyers.


Media coverage

We attempted to get media coverage of this mystery when possible e.g. on the announcement of the reward & the launch of the book “Vanished in the Gulf”.  We were successful in obtaining local press/radio/TV coverage but have not yet be successful in obtaining broader exposure, for example, Unsolved Mysteries, 20/20 etc.


The book

We supported the development and distribution of the book “Vanished in the Gulf” by Joe Warmington as it provided a vehicle that presented the facts and could be used to focus attention on our efforts to obtain additional information and help.


Consulted experts

A number of experts in different disciplines (marine life, diving, boating, policing) have been consulted to better understand the various aspects of and possible influences on this situation.

(They all have encouraged us to keep pressing forward).


Satellite tracking

Many attempts have been made to obtain/view satellite images of the area during the relevant time frame.  We have been able to investigate weather databases. but have found no relevant data.  Requests to access other satellite data (e.g. military) have been denied.


The authorities

We have reviewed the circumstances with different policing authorities - they have all recommended continued probing.  The FBI has jurisdiction in this matter.  We have requested that they reopen their investigation and/or actively request assistance from other agencies.  To date they have not granted these requests.


Private investigators

Private investigators have been employed to search/make inquiries into various areas, collect and verify data and follow up leads.



Various family members have either approached psychics or have been contacted by psychics offering assistance.  Virtually all of these indicate additional events beyond the current scenario.



We, along with many faithful supporters, believe very strongly in the power of prayer; we continue to use this vehicle to seek the answers we need.

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